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Qscan features two MRI units; 3.0T MRI at Calvary Hospital, Bruce, and a 1.5T MRI at the Kingston practice. Upon making a booking, our friendly staff will direct you to the most relevant location for your procedure.

Both machines have a wider bore (70 cm diameter), and in combination with fast scan times, significantly improve comfort for patients.

The MRI hardware is combined with the latest specialised software for designated applications, for example;

  • Oncology (Whole body DWIBS imaging to stage & monitor cancer)
  • Cartilage mapping (early diagnosis of cartilage weakening in knees)
  • Functional studies eg Perfusion (used in Brain diseases and also in diagnosis of various types of Cancer)
  • MRI Prostate (has a potential to revolutionise the treatment of Prostate Cancer, Qscan is one of the few centres in Australia where MRI guided Prostate Biopsies is available)
  • Breast MRI (including implants)
  • MRI Enterography (visualises bowel for Chrohn’s Disease)
  • MRI Guided Prostate & Breast lesion biopsies
  • MRI Angiography

Medicare Rebates

Qscan has a Partial Medicare Rebate which allows patients to access Medicare rebates for select procedures. These include;

GP referrals for patients under the age of 16 (Head, Spine, Knee, Hip, Elbow and Wrist)*
GP referrals for patients over 16 (Head, Cervical Spine, Knee)*
Specialist referrals for certain Breast cancer examinations, staging of rectal and cervical cancers; and patients impacted by PIP breast Implants*

*These rebates are subject to strict Medicare criteria. Qscan staff are happy to answer your questions 02 6126 5000 or for more details, please click here

Qscan also performs a vast range of MRI studies which are not Medicare rebateable. Out of pocket expenses may apply.

All GP, Specialists and Physiotherapists referrals are accepted.

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