The CT scan images are obtained, using x-rays, in cross section and reproduced in any plane required including 3D and 4D formats. Qscan Kingston has a strong focus on lowest possible radiation dose for each examination (ALARA principle). Our Philips multi-slice CT scanner is equipped with a dose-wise program that enables us to protocol each study such that best images are produced at lowest possible dose. At Qscan, we utilize specially designed in plane Bismuth radiation shields for radiation sensitive areas of the body e.g. eyes, thyroid, breasts and pelvis.

Preparing for CT scan examination

An appointment and a referral are required for this examination. Depending on the type of CT examination required, you may be asked to fast or to drink oral contrast prior to the study, this may require you to arrive earlier for your appointment. Please remember to bring any relevant old images and reports for comparison. You are also required to advise us regarding any allergy, history of diabetes or kidney problems

Most examinations can be completed in a few minutes. We may ask you to remove your hairclips, earrings, pins, chains or other items of jewellery before the examination, as these can sometimes interfere with the scan. We may also need you to change into a gown, depending on the type of examination being performed. You may be asked to sign a consent form prior to a CT guided procedure.


Our Radiologists quickly review CT studies as they are performed. Some studies may require prolonged reading time and a comparison with previous studies. Reports are prepared and sent to your doctor within 24 hrs, unless otherwise advised. You will receive images on a CD for your records. Our Radiologists discuss any urgent or serious reports directly with your doctor.

You must arrange to see your referring doctor to discuss your report.

Please remember-

  • To bring any relevant old images and reports for comparison
  • To advise us regarding any allergy, history of diabetes or kidney problems