The future of Prostate Imaging – It’s right here in Canberra
A/Prof Rajeev Jyoti, Radiologist at Universal Medical Imaging, has a long standing interest in Prostate Imaging, and is keen to see new prostate imaging techniques made available to the general public.

“Until recently, there has not been any imaging modality which could adequately identify disease of the prostate, in particular, foci of significant prostate cancer.”

“Recent advances in MRI technology have allowed the prostate to be imaged in such a way that various diseases, including cancer, can be detected in early stages with a simple non-invasive scan.”

“This presents a significant improvement over previous techniques which were quite invasive and often provided non-specific results.”

Prostate MRI is analysed by utilising multiple parameters and reported with PIRADS (Prostate Imaging Reporting And Data System). “PIRADS is gaining momentum globally, so now more doctors can understand how to interpret the Prostate MRI results, which assists in applying best treatment for patients.”

In 2014, Rajeev hosted the First Asia Pacific Prostate MRI Course in Sydney, followed with a course in Melbourne this year. Both events sold out, and featured international guest speakerswho also shared their experiences in a broad range of clinical settings.

“Ideally, I would like to see Prostate MRI becoming available for more patients, since most prostate cancerscan be treated with minimal side effects if detected early.”